13 March 2016


paying attention

to the inconsequential

until it ceases

to be so



  1. Hello, Mark,

    There's a way of life in this little poem, the truth exquisitely said. I've been away from poetry for a few years, but it is wonderful to hear your voice again. Thank you for your poetry.

  2. Grant! Absolutely DELIGHTED to see you up and about again.
    And with a new blog? I'll be following!

    Must admit, I've been on the verge of binning this blog on several occasions ... somehow I'm still here, but I don't seem to get any surer of my own voice :-) I don't really call what I do poetry, though, as it's simply writing what's there. It's beachcombing!

    Great to see you back, Grant.

  3. "Writing what's here" is a path and a mystery. And as you so wonderfully say "paying attention" is the practice. There's much wisdom in your way of being and writing, Mark, that I lost touch with, that I'm trying to recover. The work is truly beachcombing, even in a small town in Ohio.

  4. :-) We do what we can. We're all landlocked.