9 November 2014

at Heptonstall


  1. Gorgeous this! I have some b/w photographs of this place taken by my great-grandfather probably before 1910, doubt it's changed a lot.

  2. Hi, Sandra: Interesting place, Heptonstall, can't be many villages where there's one church that's been left to go to ruin and one that's in use, right next to each other. Up near Hebden Bridge for a few days over half-term, we had actually gone up the hill to see if we could find the grave of Sylvia Plath (which is in the new church yard. I had a massive literary crush on her in my younger days.) Found it. Previous pilgrims had pushed pencils and ballpoint pens into the soil - I'm still not quite sure how I feel about that. But afterwards it was very nice to walk about in the ruined church :-)