20 January 2014

no work

no work      a day overcast with errands and trivial crows



  1. I feel like The Trivial Crows would be a band I would like!

  2. Note to visitors: Originally this went out as

    no work an overcast day of crows and trivial errands

    or something like that, which is fair enough, but ten minutes later I decided to jumble the words up a little; because it amused me to do so. I hope no crows take offence.

    Yep, Jem, in the unlikely event that I fulfil a lifelong ambition to form a band, Trivial Crows will have to be on the shortlist. Used to be Laughing By Remote Control but that sounds dated now, suggests eighties electro-gloom, which isn't the kind of music I'd be going for ;-)