8 January 2013

BftL at Scribd

Just to let you know that Beachcombing for the Landlocked's "Difficult Second Album" is now up, at Scribd.com. Here is a link to my profile page there, where you can also find my "Eponymous First Album". Both are free to read (full screen recommended) or to download as PDFs (even better). They are essentially "best of" collections, the first covering 2009/10, the second from 2011, roughly speaking. That seems to be how it is working out: Twitter as an initial 'draft', then save what I need to save, to my blog here; finally, after time has passed, gather, rewrite and arrange the best - or at least my favourites - for a PDF book on Scribd. A three-stage filtration process! I hope you enjoy them.

one of the 100 Iron Men at CrosbyBeach

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