27 December 2012

Boxing Day with the Iron Men

as has become our christmas custom, we visit family of the Iron Men

outgoing tide, incoming rain. fortitude of the Iron Men

they are, after all, Iron Men, the Iron Men

bitter wind. razor shells scattered all around the Iron Men

today the Iron Men outnumber those of flesh and blood

residual christmas cheer. one of the Iron Men wears a seagull like a paper hat

rain-lashed and fooling no one, i stand on a rock among the Iron Men

look out at the horizon to see what the Iron Men see

wind turbines. trying to attract the attention of the Iron Men

the Iron Men, being Iron Men, do not wave back

steadfastness of the Iron Men. in adversity, and otherwise

year's end. the barnacled backsides of the Iron Men

year's end. what can the Iron Men look forward to

(the Iron Men post, not yet quite complete)  

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