2 November 2011

one of these days

one of these days I'll learn the difference between mountains and clouds



  1. Hey, I really like the Haiku. Like you, it's the only type of poetry that I really connect with. I like this one as it reminds me of one I wrote a while ago which talks about the clouds being stacked like mountains. Great minds and all that...

  2. Neil, thank you for stopping by.

    I was driving home across the edge of town when, just for a few moments, I wasn't sure where I was. The foreground looked the same - but the horizon view was somehow wrong.The road was heading towards a massive mountain range that definitely wasn't usually there. I struggled to reconcile foreground and distance. How come we've suddenly got Alps or the Atlas mountains right outside our town ?!

    But, having written it, I also like to read it metaphorically. The difference between mountains - problems in life, real, solid obstacles in our way that have to be negotiated somehow - and other things, that may look like huge difficulties but will, given time, drift away, disperse.

    re poetry:
    I got a bit of flack on Twitter once for suggesting that haiku is the opposite of poetry; an argument which, if I had the time and the requisite brain-power, I could probably fashion into an elegant thesis. I do believe that haiku need not be the exclusive property of poets. And I seem to be writing my ku at the moment in a form that avoids them looking like poems.