30 October 2011

pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds the roasting crackle of distant fireworks



  1. This feels very timely - perfectly suspended between Halloween and Bonfire Night.

    Another strength of your one liners is that the reader can pause where they chose, which can of course subtly shift the emphasis.

  2. Yes, some just arrive as read-throughs, whether as simple sequences or as more complex multi-stops; but others still insist on that haiku-gap between fragment and phrase, which I now represent with, well, a literal gap! Where a central phrase is obviously a pivot which can link with what precedes it or what follows, I will leave two such gaps, so that the reader is free to experiment.

    I am not being contrary for the sake of it. (Really!) It has come about through years of close involvement with word and image, trying to understand my own relationship with haiku/haiku-like forms and with the wider world of haiku history/theory. I do feel that haiku is, emphatically, not just another form of poetry, in a literary sense. I see it as More Than - or, qualitatively, Other Than - poetry. (Hence my continuing discomfort with the P-words: poetry, poem, poet. But that's just me.)

    I find my one-line variations more pleasing to the eye; and I needn't spend ludicrous amounts of time and energy fretting over line breaks, and how the "weight" of a poem (that word again!) looks on a page.

    Time and energy much better spent fretting over whether this ku should be as it is above, or in its (microscopically?) different original version:

    pumpkin seeds roasting the crackle of distant fireworks