17 January 2011

red onions -
but why can't i weep
for those i love



  1. Just skimmed all your stones....love them, love the careful craft, the inspirational art. And can I say that you win the prize for the best blog name...

  2. Bridget, you're so kind, thank you very much.

    * * * * *
    Incidental note:
    It is two years since I started writing haiku (or haiku-like "stones") on Twitter. And it was in no small part due to the encouragement of Fiona Robyn (who has now initiated this new A River of Stones project) that B f t L came into being, soon after.
    At that time, for me, it was either write small things, regularly - or give up that crazy notion of writing altogether. So if you have been caught by the AROS bug, you might want to consider not stopping at the end of this month. Make it part of your life and see where the river takes you.

    The very best place to learn all about haiku (and, believe me, when you drop the erroneous 575 notion there's a lot to explore!) is Melissa Allen's Red Dragonfly blog. If you have not yet made its acquaintance, click on her name, just above. It won't be long before you are adding it to your list of favourites, I am sure.

    Thanks, Melissa.

  3. Mark, just saw this comment ... how extremely kind of you! I'm so glad you find the blog so helpful. It is truly a labor of love for me -- I feel such an obligation to spread the word about all the wonderful haiku poets out there, including, of course, yourself. :)