9 October 2010

quicker  than the eye  a dry leaf  becomes  a fluttering moth


  1. I've commented on many of these poems at Twitter, Mark, but seeing them together here makes me realize just how much the Autumn muse is with you.

  2. After the stasis of summer, there is that movement in nature again now. I must guard against getting repetitive, though, and try to burrow underneath Autumn's easy built-in cadence, if I can.

    The difficulty I am having at the moment is not so much the actual words as the layout. Writing in a single line on Twitter, with / to indicate line breaks, when I then type poems out in 3 or 5 lines here I sometimes find that I really don't like the way they look! Hence, changing the layout of some poems here into one liners with gaps. See how that goes.

  3. I think the one-liners with gaps works well here. A nice marriage between East and West.

    I agree with you about Twitter. Unless we're writing monostich, American sentences, etc., losing stanzas sometimes costs a poem nuance. That's a big sacrifice.