23 October 2010

once i walked here
my footprints the proof

in sand
     in frost
          in snow



  1. Leaving footprints through time. Such a lovely thought.

  2. It reminds me of living in this city for so long, on this side of town, moving and returning to old haunts, seeing the very buildings change, new faces and old.

    I wonder, "have I made a mark?" Is it so important that I do?

  3. I cannot but contemplate that the author name of these footprints is Mark Holloway. Marking echoes. I do not believe in chance. Underlining the forgotten ;) too.

  4. Thank you, Susan.
    It would have been a lovely thought, but I fear that any footprints I may have made will not have lasted long in those conditions.

    Bandit, that is exactly the equation I was trying to balance. Is it too late for me to leave any lasting mark (pun optional) on the world and does it really matter whether I do or don't?

    And, Me, that is really quite funny. Certainly, any mark I may make, if it echoes in a hollow way, will quickly be forgotten.

    Thank you all for your comments. :-)

  5. a hollow characteristic makes the sound reverberates ... not forgotten
    you have quite a distinctive halo dear poet, Mark
    I love your writing
    (a replaying thought: the mystic floats ... )