3 September 2010

into this moment, a cracked paving slab spills
a single, flawless violet


  1. i know, a bit late in the year to find any violets, it's true. actually, this particular one caught my eye a while ago, but the process of finding the right words and then putting them in the right order has taken longer than expected.

  2. Hello, Jarmara, you surprised me there.
    I'd only just posted that one, and was just adding that explanatory note.
    Thank you for your comment. :-)

  3. Love the new style, not Haiku, not Gogyohka ... your own expression in original dress ... cheers to black sheep forging their way just like your sweet violet ;) . Loved as well your "vieni qua" observation. Beautiful path.

  4. Hello, Anonymous,
    good to see you here again, thank you.
    I'm learning that I have to allow the words/ideas to find their own shape, and not try to force them into any predetermined pattern.
    Wasn't sure whether anyone would like the octopus one. Made me laugh, but I'd been wondering whether to delete. In other parts of the world an octopus in a sink might be a very common sight, but not here. It can stay, then.