22 August 2010

... twang

Despite being in possession of the customary number of fingers, he concluded long ago that he still didn't have quite enough to make playing the acoustic guitar a viable pastime.

But when he saw, in the Charity Shop window, a guitar with one string missing ...


  1. There is a kind of logic to it ...
    It's a true story, too. (And while it has only five strings, it is more approachable, somehow.)
    Thanks, Susannah.

  2. "more approachable", quite a terminology ... wondering if the missed can make a human being more approachable or is it dependable on the perceiver ... caught in the mirror ... the landlocked missing its beach ... the circle that is hollow or full ... fragmented works, days, experiences ... reuniting to enjoy the meaning. Beautiful person behind the poems, stretching to one day find the full meaning in each fragment.

  3. A lot there for me to think about, Anon. But you have written the most beautiful paragraph. Thank you.

  4. I am a guitar player - touched by this poem.
    Thank You !!
    It's beautiful. It's mysterious.
    As is the guitar.
    I play electric, acoustic, classic, flamenco and everything else I can dream of. Until the moment there is no distinction any more between strings, fingers and soul. Then there is just music, poetry, love.
    Let's play nirvana...

  5. Hello Edjo,
    Reading you over at Gogyohka Junction,
    glad you could pop in over here.