8 August 2010

this day
placed in her lap
rice, fruit, cloth


  1. I really like the concreteness of this, and the possibilities for imagining why these objects in particular have been placed in her lap.

  2. Thank you, Melissa. (At the risk of spoiling "the possibilities for imagining" (a lovely phrase) I can tell you that it came from a Hindu pre-wedding ceremony that we went to yesterday. These items would have been symbolic gifts to ensure the bride- and groom-to-be fertility and prosperity in their lives together.)

  3. I attended such a ceremony for close friends several years ago -- full of sensual items, washings, lights, and color. Very beautiful.

    Your poem captures the essence of the rite and much else, including the necessities of life: food, drink & covering.

    Gorgeous simplicity seems an appropriate oxymoron here.

  4. Thanks again, Brian.
    And, from my point of view, those few words can act as a kind of photograph through which I can remember the day.

  5. This is just a beautiful poem Mark - just beautiful. I think what works about it magnificently is that it is based on such a particular event, so the imagery is sharp, and yet it is stripped down to its bare essentials so it has many ways of unfolding for the reader irrespective of their cultural background. Multivalence has always been something I appreciate in haiku.

    Very nice work!!