22 May 2016


a second peony!

this would have been

my sisters' birthday


another three

dislodged slat

showing mud &

chicken feet

cracked slabs

growing their own



empty pots . . .

our neighbour asleep

in his greenhouse


overcast . . .

a migraine has me

on a long leash



putting on


a slight numbing

underfoot spongey

w/ pine needles



black coffee

the froth on

the hawthorn


ground elder

even in the

elephants ears

let's first

define terms

white lilac



it still rankles

the persistence

of nettle stings


revision notes

revision notes

brushing sand

into the gaps


pink blossom

pink blossom

the garden of remembrance



at pentecost

[Pentecost is ... the 10th day after Ascension Thursday

which itself is 40 days after {the first Sunday

after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox} (ie Easter)

but, no, Christianity has nothing to do with paganism :-)]

pentecost : a gift

of seed potatoes from

s/one we don't like



half moon

only broken crackers

        in the tin


cow parsley

cow parsley

my yearly tutorial

on parallax


poetry ;-)

don't forget

i'm 93%

poetry averse

there is

a certain skill

to the chopping

up of prose



landlocked : waves

of ceanothus blue     tumble

over the wall

landlocked : inside

an empty snail shell     perhaps

the faintest sound


four mirrors

in this big mirror

a brisker haircut

is happening

in this small mirror

a yellow handled razor

and a jaw line

this hall mirror

reads book titles backwards

through an open door

& in this long mirror

i am nowhere

to be seen


what's he found now

leash taut     the dog

won't come out of

an unmown strip



where we buried

the fox cub     our dog

no longer stops



looking at some

thing pink i refer to

it as orange


no loophole here

low alcohol

wine standard



1st May

first dusk of may

and it's suddenly there

a pale orange poppy


a hammer

a hammer by the rhubarb and just the right amount of wondering


30 April 2016