2 December 2014


my haiku

graffiti that says

"i was here"

wind chime

wind chime

a text brings news

of his death

a still grey day

a still grey day

i breeze past and

nudge the chimes



until a white moth lands

on my phone screen

wet paint


my dog

ever the literalist 

low sun

talk of myths low sun smears the windscreen

dark trees

a line of dark trees orion clambers over

i am (also)

i am 

a well-worn 

book mark 

i am 

a gutter full 

of wet leaves 

i am 

the crunch of gravel 

in the postman's 


i am 

the sound 

of last night's rain 

falling from 

this morning's trees 

i am 

unexpected blossom 

vs the frost 

double whisky

double whisky

everything glistens

in the mist

temps libres

Proud to see a number of my haiku, with Serge Tomé's wonderful translations, in the June-to-October updates at  tempslibres . Do visit.

night walk

night walk

again the dog


at the butcher's door

i am

i am 

frost patterns 

on the car roof 

i am 

fog rising 

from the river 

i am 

a heron seen 

from the wooden bridge 

i am 

bike tracks 

in frosted grass 

i am 

a strip of land 

between two lakes 

i am 

an iced web strung 

between teasels 

i am 

always a cormorant 

on lake buoy 11 

i am 

another heron flying 

towards dusk 

i am 

the latch gate 

that doesn't quite 

i am 

black mould 

on the bathroom wall 

i am 

willow leaves almost 

touching the water 

november sun

november sun

a late-flowering


leaf fall

leaf fall


a nest

black coffee

black coffee in a hello kitty cup


loitering under the rail bridge with a beer can fog


headlights and strange moving shadows the night's first few stars


my scratchy throat a jay in the kale