24 July 2014

revised repeats : three tech-ku

another cloudy night

i google

the moon phase

new moon

i hear about it first

via twitter

blackbird song

i'll wait for it to go

to voicemail

we are Quotidianauts

Two quotes from Chris Gordon, in his conversation with Jack Galmitz, entitled The Superlative Quotidian. Read it here, at antantantantant for each quotation's context, but I have snipped them out because I need to remember them.

"For me the quotidian has to be unusual, otherwise we've slipped into a kind of death. If we don't remake the world everyday, we've stopped paying attention and the animal within us has given up."

"We are all astronauts. We are all shipwrecked on unfamiliar terrain with broken tools and unreliable habitats. Habits from the old days that frighten us and propel us forward. Make us ashamed before our ancestors."


revised repeats : two trash ku

muted white trumpets

bindweed snaffles

what's been fly-tipped

someone is filling

the hollow tree with

empty beer cans

revised repeats : two manipulative ku

after chiropractic straight back to work

after chiropractic 

all my lines 

centre justified



sunlight in the snail trails my glittering career

story: coup

On the topmost branch, a crow backlit by lightning.

Soon the new Dictator's posters will be all over the city.


not long till sundown

into the willows

a yellow frisb e e

poppy seeds

poppy seeds

& i'm just loafing around



not knowing

if the tickle is grasses

or ants


not saying i'm poor, exactly

but a wolf has got stuck

in the cat flap

13 July 2014

three dog ku:

high summer

where the shade stops

so does the dog

scratchy voiced crows

the dog stops to drink

from tractor ruts


a sound alerts the puppy

long grasses tickling the

underside of the car

composition with larvae

orange & black

what will be cinnabars

strip the ragwort 


muggy morning

the dusty mauve of

roadside mallows

what is it good for

war memorial

59p drink can

left on the wall

morning after

the morning after

snail shredded



her father calls for her to come back to the house, but she carries on turning cartwheels