6 October 2015

haiku hints

1. Cultivate a habit of noting small details, fleeting moments

2. Have a clear idea of what you want to say

3. Don't say it



autumn days

the weight of my life's

unpicked apples


those crows again

Backs to the low sun, a crow on every fence post


unceasing rain

unceasing rain . . .

the gardener

doing his taxes


One of the two

Placing a snail

on the wall. Out of

harm's way.

Into harm's way



Thud of footballs, pale mushrooms under the pines


the piano tuner

She tells me her piano tuner hopes to get a new knee


green tomatoes

Green tomatoes wondering if I'll have time to ripen



Birds in the palest blue we make our way home



Heavy the heads of darkened sunflowers, I wonder, how long do I have




yes, but these

are magpies



Scrape of wire rake, they're up to something, the crows in those trees


lunar eclipse

system update:

what version

of the moon

are we on now?


the long day done 4x4

the long day done

sighing i drag

my cranefly limbs

from room to room


autumn sunlight 4x4

autumn sunlight

a spider thread

the only line

across my brow



Silently they have gathered at the edge of town, cloud mountains


after the rain

After the rain, hot sun bakes the roof tiles of mushroom cities


unceasing rain

Unceasing rain, let's take a look at your rorschach bible



The curve of East Anglian coastline, there's always a pregnant weather woman



Undercarriage down, two swans, the slanting rain