17 January 2016

january days

january days

stones in the tread

of a tyre swing


snow melt

snow melt

a roof tile


of moss



not writing

not writing

but turning

the compost

finding many



oh, listen to that ...

forget the ache

in my scarecrow bones

. . . song thrush

january rain

january rain

me & the other

hollow trees


the weir

in one ear

out the other

the roar

of the weir



left padlocked

under streetlight

orion's bike


on the anniversary of Charlie Hebdo

phones rang

in the pockets

of the dead


words that jumped out at me from subtitles on BBC documentary
Three Days of Terror - The Charlie Hebdo Attacks





the moon

just past full

in a clear dawn sky

where are they going

all these birds



the doubts

are you trying to

wake yrself up


christmas to new year

john 3.16 / inflatable santa

another night

another half dozen

tv murders

along the towpath

twigsnap of brittle


on the tree still

the baubles

of unpicked apples

passing thought

the canal regains

its composure

year's end

we can see right thru'

this threadbare hedge

at the end of the jetty

the silent whiteness

of a twilight swan

past the graveyard ...

last of the light

sinks into the cobbles



enough small change

to see me through