24 May 2015

well, that's the end of christianity then

no original sin -

your wheels fall off

like a clown car

the Better News is 

that we were never broken

to begin with 


21 May 2015

a bird in the hand

fledgeling . . .

wing feathers flutter

in the cat's mouth

lifeless . . .

this fledgeling an almost

perfect replica

. . . . . . . . . .

& a repeat of a haiku in memory of my younger sisters D & S for what would be their birthday. 
twins, D lived for a day and S for thirty-five years.
for me,  a lifetime of family memory and emotion are held in these three simple lines.  

day break

half a pale blue

egg shell


cloud shadows ...

cloud shadows

another someone tells me

i look tired

mine, included in Bones Journal issue 6, current issue

the window cleaner's ladder

leaves two small holes

in the planet

my head

a swirl of starlings

i'm st / ill

talk of myths

low sun smears

the windscreen

confirmation bias

everywhere the glorious

absence of gods

My deepest thanks to the Bones, Journal for contemporary haiku, issue 6 editorial team.

our fault for having bark chips (pun optional)

velcro dog !

leave some of the garden

in the garden


that retina-burning yellow

rapeseed field -

not seeing his

hi-vis jacket


each year

she buys her late husband

a birthday orchid


from the minarets ...

from the minarets of chives a call to reason


mother's day (in the U.S, we've had ours already)

for some of us

it's always someone else's

mother's day


haiku for a thumb-twiddling evening

non-event horizon

a slow swing

of the light-pull


drowsy ...

drowsy among the aquilegias i've done all i can


reggae drifting across from someone else's garden

heavy dub

from somewhere near

the peony buds


snail shells

snail shells

around the lupin

i rehearse

some ad libs

just in case


you again ...

you again -

the same breeze

cold & warm


used to it now ...

used to it now

the hollow tree i

climbed inside

forget-me-nots ...


our white dog shakes off

pale blue stars

disappearing ...


into the yellow field

their cat's


too loud, man, too loud

a secret:

sometimes the full moon

's brightness

makes me anxious

rainy night

this rainy night

i gaze at

closed daisies &

cow parsley stars